— Jenny Neill

Jenny chases stories at the intersection of agriculture, wellness, and business with a keen interest in sustainability. A lifelong learner, her career has taken her through a variety of communicator roles in corporate and non-profit work settings. Confident delving deeply into scientific topics, she applies her dry wit and a lifelong sense of wonder to make the technical accessible.

  • Almost Back to My Professional Life
    The headline suggests I have not been writing at all. That’s not true. I have. I have also contributed to a couple outlets on a regular basis and continued working with a small number of non-journalism clients. What I have not been able to be, since the fall of 2014, is in charge of my schedule and thus my career. […]
  • The Shifts of Streams
    The landscapes of my youth invaded my dreams last night. Having these images—of red brick buildings and expansive lawns, of the sepia of dawn or dusk, of the amber hues and shadows underneath the trees and shrubs—show up as the scenery for some moment of nighttime revery usually signals a shift. I woke up with Ohio on my mind.