— Jenny Neill

Jenny chases stories at the intersection of agriculture, wellness, and business with a keen interest in sustainability. A lifelong learner, her career has taken her through a variety of communicator roles in corporate and non-profit work settings. Confident delving deeply into scientific topics, she applies her dry wit and a lifelong sense of wonder to make the technical accessible.

  • How come? Still my Favorite Question
    Justine Ickes, to the best of my knowledge, was the first to approach me about the Writing Process Blog Tour. We met through mutual friend and writing teacher, Amanda Castleman. I had to dodge her in this earlier virtual game of writer tag because paying deadlines took priority to stopping to reflect about my process. Weeks went by and I [...]
  • In Remembrance of Little Spark: #663399Becca
    I’ve not written about how I, like hundreds or maybe thousands of others, have hung on every word Eric Meyer has written about his second daughter since last August. Short of missives that say “I hear you” or “I wish I could take your anguish away,” what could I add? Eric’s always been someone who writes with confidence, clarity, and [...]