— Jenny Neill

Travel Photos: Seven Super Shots

Stephanie (also known as the Viatrix), a fellow travel writer I met taking a writing class a year ago, invited me to participate in a pictorial travel blogging meme: 7 Super Shots. My husband has played the role of official photographer on most of our recent travels, so I had to do some digging to find images I captured. Well, almost all of them are mine…

1. Takes my breath away
Confession time: I did not take this photo, my husband did. If you look closely, you’ll see a tiny figure standing near the edge in the upper right quadrant along the horizon line. That’s me looking down over the Grand Canyon from Yaki Point.

Jenny looks over Yaki Point at the Grand Canyon

Jenny looks over Yaki Point at the Grand Canyon.

2. Makes me laugh or smile
I snapped this moment the night before my husband’s first marathon. We took over the executive suite my parents had rented near Columbus Circle in New York City for a pre-marathon pasta party. I cooked for three marathoners: Tess and Anna from Scotland, and Mike. In this photo, the runners were switching the name panels we’d made for them. A silly moment before a serious race.

The runners trade names

The runners trade names before the 2009 New York City marathon.

3. Makes me dream
Filtered sun breaking through the clouds along the Amalfi Coast during a stormy spring visit to Positano… I still dream of getting back to those beaches again.

Filtered sun along the Amalfi Coast

Filtered sun along the Amalfi Coast.

4. Makes me think
When I came across this figure looking at an hourglass painted on the security gate for a storefront in NYC, I had to stop. Heart on his sleeve, scrunched over from age or to stay warm, squinting at the sand marking time in the hourglass held in the palm of his hand – this image still gets me thinking, concocting back stories for what led to this moment.

With heart on sleeve, figure watches the sands of time.

With heart on sleeve, figure watches the sands of time.

5. Makes my mouth water
My husband is responsible for most of the sexy food photos from our travel adventures, but every once in a while I snag some too, like this iPhone capture of one of my summer creations. We ate this salad of fresh lettuces, yellow tomatoes, blue cheese, and a basalmic-fig vinaigrette dining al fresco on a hot summer day during our vacation last August near Prescott, Arizona. Num!

Summer salad

Refreshing salad for a hot summer day.

6. Tells a story
This photo shows two running mates from Kenya in the Victoria, BC marathon on 10/10/10. While it won’t go down as my best photo ever, the composition catches their movement and the concentration on their faces. It reflects quite well the gloom of that autumnal morning in the Pacific Northwest.

Kenyan teammates compete in the 2010 Victoria marathon

Kenyan teammates compete in the 2010 Victoria marathon.

7. I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)
I have a tie for this one. I’m proud of the first shot because in it I’ve captured what to me is a classic Pacific Northwest harbor scene.

Sea planes returning to Victoria's Inner Harbor

Sea planes returning to Victoria’s Inner Harbor.

An award-winning wildlife photographer? Probably not. Still, it was thrill to catch a shot of a spinner dolphin fully breached while standing on the deck of our rental house in December.

Spinner dolphin breaching off the coast of the Big Island, Hawaii

Spinner dolphin breaching off the coast of the Big Island, Hawaii.

Passing Along the Challenge
Memes are fun for getting to know other travelers, so this post would be incomplete without passing it along. I’d like to see a “Seven Super Shots” post from these bloggers:

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