— Jenny Neill


I’m grateful to have my family. Both my chosen family and my family of origin. My chosen family starts and ends with my husband, Mike Russell. Handsome, intelligent, steadfast. I don’t think I have the words just now for how thankful I am he is in my life. I thank him for his patience and for knowing just when I need that kick in the pants to sit down and write. And for so much more.

This has been a challenging year in ways I don’t have the right to talk about publicly for a number of people in my family of origin. That I got to see them all in person, one way or another, this year is a boon. May we see me more of each other here or there in 2013.

Friends and colleagues who live near and far, there are too many of you to name. I wish for each of you that you have something to be grateful for. And if you believe that you don’t, I hope someone is there to throw you a lifeline, to help you find your way back to a better place.

To my Ray’s Boathouse family, I cherish those moments we come together to make someone else’s night special. This is the first Thanksgiving in years without you and, though I’m glad to be spending it with Mike, I miss being in the trenches with you. I hope those of you not working today are enjoying feasting and football, or whatever your traditions may be. And to those of you who are working, may it be going smoothly and may your delayed celebrations be filled with cheer and laughter.