— Jenny Neill

Move Along… Nothing to See Here

The trend I’m seeing with my November challenge is that I do the writing that doesn’t pay (my blog) after I do the writing that does pay (contracts or freelance assignments). That’s why I’m sitting here at 9:35pm on Election Night just beginning to write a blog post for today. I’m OK with that. And, I’m OK with keeping it short, too. Important issues are being decided as votes get tallied tonight.

And yet, I resist opening up another browser tab and looking again. At this stage, most of the mass media has called the presidential election for President Obama. My local friends and colleagues have mostly turned their attention to watching what happens in the local and state elections. Whether I’m watching at the moment that this channel or that paper or the other blog trumpets a projected winner won’t change the outcome.

Truth is, despite tinkering with some ideas, I haven’t done what I do to produce decent writing today. None of the research, or the tinkering with words, or the setting the draft aside and returning to it later to shape it into something more. I would much rather be spending these moments with friends and family. So, today, there truly is nothing to see here.