— Jenny Neill

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere

Just a few days ago, I wrote about how discussing Pinterest incited debate at a meetup for freelance writers. Well, it seems the young company has noticed the shine of newness has worn off. Two major announcements made in the last week indicate there is a grander scheme afoot. The big question now is if the changes will be enough.

Why should we be interested in Pinterest?

Photo courtesy of methodshop.

Perhaps the more important of the two is the separation of personal and business accounts, including new terms of service for account holders. Aside from a tool to help convert an account to a business account, there is little else that’s new for brands… yet. This sort of maneuver sure seems familiar and likely lays the ground for yet another pay-for-promo model. But, hey, nothing has been announced yet. So, I’m simply speculating.

I went sleuthing for a few more nitty gritty details about what the company is up to and found myself going off on a tangent. A visual vector, even.

Here are a few places and things I’ll be paying attention to over the next few months:

  • A resurgence of long-form journalism on a microblogging platform – Since May, Tumblr has been publishing stories about its users by an actual editorial team.
  • When photo-sharing meets shopping – The Fancy has attracted some new backing and has market watchers betting it might be enough to help the three-year-old company beat others to building a social shopping platform.
  • The impending rebirth of a dying social networking platform – Do you remember Myspace? Well, it is still around and may well be poised for a come-back.

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.

While for many pinning is endlessly entertaining, my hunch is that the new Myspace and Fancy may have the mojo to give Pinterest some serious competition.