— Jenny Neill

Red Sees Stranger

Oh! Someone sat next to me. I, I have to shift my stuff.

No, don’t want to drop the bottle. Must hold on. I need my water.

I try to be small. To be smaller than small. Mom doesn’t like it when I hunch down.

I don’t want her to look at me. She’s a stranger.

“Don’t talk to strangers.” Not alone on the train.

I look at the lady, but I keep my head bent down. Maybe she won’t see me looking.

Ooh! She’s looking around. Don’t look at me. There are so many people on the train! Don’t anyone see me.

I turn my head away from inside. I try to look outside but the windows are all fogged up.

My cup is empty. I have to get more water. I hope the stranger doesn’t mind. I don’t want to spill but my mouth is all dry. I need more sips in my little cup.