— Jenny Neill

Seattle Public Library Perks

Increasingly, I am spending time doing research. Much of this takes place online and one of the best tools available, as a Seattle resident and library card holder, is using the Seattle Public Library website. What I didn’t realize until today was that being a member also gets me access to museums in the area.

Seattle Public Library

Photo courtesy of Mike Russell All rights reserved.

The Seattle Public Library Foundation sponsors the Museum Pass program, offering card holders the ability to reserve a pass to one of ten historical, cultural, or arts institutions. Certain restrictions apply to use of this program for all participating establishments. For instance, I can only sign up for one visit per week and can only have one pass to a particular museum in a given 30-day period. Beyond that, details vary though all allow two or more people entrance.

Snagging a pass is not a guarantee, however. The online system that allows you to reserve one only shows dates through the end of the year at present. I’m sure the impending winter holiday season is why some show no availability now.

But now that I know I will be checking the site for dates I can take advantage of this perk, if only to giggle at the icons as they bounce their way onto the Schedule by Map page.