— Jenny Neill

Seattle Writergrrls: Books and Sandy Relief

Seattle Writergrrls is a grassroots network of writers of all types. Our name reflects what our mission was when the group started in 1998. The earliest members, all women, came from different backgrounds with different levels of experience as writers. What we had in common was a recognition that the Internet mattered and would change the landscape of how all of us earned a living. Our goal was to collectively to support each other in figuring out how to write in what was then a brand new media: the web. I was the group’s first List Administrator, a role I held for over four years and one I reclaimed in 2010.

Over time, the group’s purpose evolved. Today, we encourage writers to thrive in their craft by catalyzing interaction in a creative and informed community. Men have always been welcome as members and contributors. The group now includes corporate and technical communicators, novelists, journalists, poets, playwrights, and more. We also maintain presences on Facebook and Twitter. We have over 375 email list subscribers, more than 275 fans on Facebook, and over 300 followers on Twitter.

Sandy Relief Event

Seattle Writergrrls is hosting an event Saturday, December 15 at Vermillion from 5-8pm. The idea behind this event started, as many of our best do, on the email list. One of our members suggested we celebrate the authors among us by putting together a locals only book sale before the winter holidays arrive. Another added we could combine it with a fundraising effort. Pretty soon offers to contribute books started to flow through the listserv.

We’ll have a cash bar and snacks. Kids are welcome with proper supervision. We will contribute the small suggested door fee and raffle proceeds to charity.

We’re still working out some details, but could use help with a handful of

  • If you’re a Seattle author with books you’d be willing to sign and donate,
    let me know.
  • If you’re a book author who can both donate books and be present for all or part of event, we’d like your help announcing winners of raffled items.