— Jenny Neill

2012: The Drink was the Thing

If my blog were to have a birthday, it would fall in June of 2011. That means I’ve been blogging 18 months and have averaged about three posts per month since I started. But that average doesn’t tell the real story of how I struggled to find a rhythm. Nor does it capture how I’ve experimented in long and short compositions, fiction and non-fiction, or including pictures and video as adjuncts to sharing my words with you.

Flaming Orange Peel

It took several tries for Mike to capture this image of me flaming an orange peel.
If you do decide to try this at home, use a longer match than the one I’m holding!

Photo courtesy of Mike Russell. All rights reserved.

There were some long gaps while I worked on corporate writing gigs or temporarily lost the battle with my inner critic. Each time I returned with some new set of goals about how often I’d post or what topics I’d cover. Thanks to pushing myself to blog once a day for a month, 2012 will go down as the year I made two important discoveries about myself as a blogger. The first is that I love writing about a range of topics, that I don’t want to limit what I publish here to any one passion. The second is one of observing what visitors to this site like to read.

Red wine in a glass

Photo courtesy of Mike Russell.

You like it when I write about beverages. Booze to be specific. Three of my House Cocktails entries and some musings about shopping for Pacific Northwest wine in Seattle take four slots in my top five posts of 2012. Coffee was the subject of the fifth.

My Top Five Posts in 2012
House Cocktails: The Last Word
House Cocktails: For the Acid Hounds
House Cocktails: From One Bitter to Another
Shopping for Pacific Northwest Wines in Seattle
Coffee and Indonesia A New Chapter for Fair Trade

I’m not big on making resolutions but the turn of one calendar year to the next is a good one for resetting goals. For sure, I’ll continue with the House Cocktails series. Enough readers spent time with my musings about the craft of writing and about social media that I expect posts in those categories will turn up from time to time. Chances are good, too, that I will continue to introduce you to my friends and acquaintances, trusted colleagues, and anyone else I happen upon who inspires me somehow.

May 2013 bring you laughter, comfort, and health.