— Jenny Neill


This blog post preserves what I posted on January 17, 2012 as part of participating in the Stop SOPA/PIPA campaign. Much more has transpired in the ensuing months in the realm of digital rights and privacy. I never intended to cover such issues on this blog and I can’t say with certainty that I won’t write about them here ever again.

However, I do have some other changes coming soon to this site. Removing the Stop SOPA/PIPA WordPress plug-in is part of getting ready for a minor update.

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I launched this blog in June of 2011 with a teaser post. It took another few months to get into something of a rhythm. It turned out not to be nearly as steady a cadence as I had intended to maintain.

75/365: Passage of Time

I imagined filling this blog with travel writing or maybe musings about food and wine. That I’d post weekly or more. And I failed. Especially with posting frequently. Failure is good. It gives us a chance to learn, to reconsider, to adapt.

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Jumping into a chat on Twitter can be a little bit like being in a hive mind. Many Twitter chats exist to allow people from all over the world to connect with others who share a common hobby, educational, or business interest. These online discussions can sometimes simply amplify an existing media echo chamber. Good ones, though, serve to elevate a conversation beyond merely the dissemination of information.

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Some understanding can only be developed by crossing boundaries or shifting context. For example, imagine studying a foreign language. You come across a word that doesn’t have a direct translation. What process do you go through to figure out what it means?

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This is a new blog for me: a place to explore my voice while writing about travel, food, and wine. Thanks for stopping by. As you can see, I’m still tidying this little online venue to my liking.

Who am I?
Visit my About page to find out who I am. I tweet too.

The Tease
My newfound fascination with marine mammals started last fall on my first whale watching tour in Victoria, BC. I’ll have more to share on the topic soon. For now, enjoy this photo of a spyhopping orca taken by my photographer husband, Mike Russell.
Reused with permission. © 2011 Mike Russell. All rights reserved.

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