— Jenny Neill

Tag "Amtrak"

I arrived in Vancouver, BC midday after taking the early morning train up from Seattle. The wireless service onboard was very consistent for me. Having such easy access to online communications on that particular train trip had pros and cons. I used Twitter, Facebook, and email far more than I’d intended.

A big pro was finally getting to meet one of the writers from an online class I took earlier this year in person. DMing on Twitter helped us to find each other on the train.

The cons? The main one was I frittered away time tapping on my iPhone touchscreen instead of looking out the window. Or taking that nap I meant to. Or crafting other material for this blog.

This blog will have more than excuses about why I haven’t posted something more interesting. Promise! Aside from the fact that I’m still putting the finishing touches on it, I’m blaming Amtrak. If only their WiFi hadn’t worked so well!

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