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Most citizens of Seattle associate the number 12 with a certain sport that involves kicking or throwing an oval-shaped ball made out of pigskin. Having heard the Twelfth Man in action from the field in 2011, I have no doubts the crowd gives the team an advantage when playing at home. Earlier this week, that number took on yet another meaning for one of our neighborhoods. The Pike-Pine corridor in Capitol Hill was named one of America’s 12 Top ArtPlaces of 2013.

Seattle Seahawk Sidney Rice runs onto the field with the 12th man flag

Seattle Seahawk Sidney Rice runs onto the field with the 12th man flag.
Photo courtesy of Mike Russell.

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Increasingly, I am spending time doing research. Much of this takes place online and one of the best tools available, as a Seattle resident and library card holder, is using the Seattle Public Library website. What I didn’t realize until today was that being a member also gets me access to museums in the area.

Seattle Public Library

Photo courtesy of Mike Russell All rights reserved.

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Jumping into a chat on Twitter can be a little bit like being in a hive mind. Many Twitter chats exist to allow people from all over the world to connect with others who share a common hobby, educational, or business interest. These online discussions can sometimes simply amplify an existing media echo chamber. Good ones, though, serve to elevate a conversation beyond merely the dissemination of information.

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Some understanding can only be developed by crossing boundaries or shifting context. For example, imagine studying a foreign language. You come across a word that doesn’t have a direct translation. What process do you go through to figure out what it means?

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