— Jenny Neill

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Seattle Writergrrls is a grassroots network of writers of all types. Our name reflects what our mission was when the group started in 1998. The earliest members, all women, came from different backgrounds with different levels of experience as writers. What we had in common was a recognition that the Internet mattered and would change the landscape of how all of us earned a living. Our goal was to collectively to support each other in figuring out how to write in what was then a brand new media: the web. I was the group’s first List Administrator, a role I held for over four years and one I reclaimed in 2010.

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I imagined myself writing an impassioned call for donations today. In fact, I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days now. I’d figured I’d look over the usual organizations that provide support for disasters and choose a few to highlight. Thing is, Hurricane Sandy, was extraordinary in its power, size, and impact. It turns out that the recovery is pretty remarkable too.

Sandy Damage

Photo courtesy of ccho. Some rights reserved.

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