— Jenny Neill

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Increasingly, I am spending time doing research. Much of this takes place online and one of the best tools available, as a Seattle resident and library card holder, is using the Seattle Public Library website. What I didn’t realize until today was that being a member also gets me access to museums in the area.

Seattle Public Library

Photo courtesy of Mike Russell All rights reserved.

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I was arrested first by the dark, linear wood floor inside the cage, lying underneath suspended things. Filmy, yellowed fabrics most seeming to hang from nowhere interspersed with chain link of varying sizes and smaller dark bits; a collar made of shiny, luxurious fur and what seemed like the body of a scorched game hen. All of this and more encircled by a black metal cage with the door propped open, but blocked. To be viewed but not entered.

Spinal Cairn

Photo courtesy of Mike Russell. All rights reserved.

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