— Jenny Neill

Tag "Stranger Story"

Oh! Someone sat next to me. I, I have to shift my stuff.

No, don’t want to drop the bottle. Must hold on. I need my water.

I try to be small. To be smaller than small. Mom doesn’t like it when I hunch down.

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Note to anyone actually paying attention to when I make new blog posts: This is a fiction fragment. I’m posting it now in case I don’t get more time to work with it this evening. Busy day today. Also, be forewarned, this blog blog is likely to change.

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When I work on building descriptions for a story, I often use the “pre-writing” technique of free writing to capture sensual details of a person or a place. These exercises rarely net me whole passages I can take and use directly in a non-fiction piece. This post started as a free writing exercise to capture details of an encounter I had riding the Max train in Portland today. A new voice and character I’m calling Red Riding Hood emerged in the process.

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