— Jenny Neill

Freelance writer Jenny Neill covers coffee, health, and technology. Her writing has appeared in the Portland Monthly, Sprudge.com, Telematics Update, Hedgebrook Farmhouse Table Blog, and STiR tea & coffee industry bi-monthly.

A lifelong learner, her career has taken her through a variety of communicator roles in corporate and non-profit work settings. Confident delving deeply into scientific topics, she applies her dry wit and a lifelong sense of wonder to make the technical accessible.

Born and raised in Ohio, this journalist spent her formative years living in the Midwest where she first indulged her curiosity for the literary and language arts. After a brief post-baccalaureate stint in Boston, she moved to Seattle at the other end of Interstate 90 which she still calls home base.

She has also worked as an editor, proofreader, assistant travel planner, instructional designer, and health content architect. Jenny now chases stories at the intersection of agriculture, wellness, and business with a keen interest in sustainability.