— Jenny Neill

Disclosure Policy

Posted: 14 March 2012
Last Updated: 11 September 2013

As of the date this policy was written, this blog is free of content from advertising servers and is not open to external sponsorship. My intention is to keep it that way. This purpose of this site is to showcase my interests and my writing. All opinions posted here are my own and are subject to change upon further research and reflection.

I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion, and identity. I will clearly identify any gifts or compensation I receive related to the writings I publish here. Compensation will not alter my opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics.

Comment Policy

Posted: 14 March 2012
Last Updated: 14 March 2012

I take information security seriously. This policy may change without warning at my discretion.

You should also know that:

  • This blog uses a WordPress plug-in to validate that comments are from humans, not spambots. I review comments that are considered potential spam before deleting those that are suspicious and approving those that are not.
  • I ask for your name and a valid email address as proof you are not a spambot and that information is retained.
  • If you have never commented on my blog before, your comment will be held until I can review and approve it.
  • I also review and approve any comment that contains two or more hyperlinks.

Privacy Policy

Posted: 14 March 2012
Last Updated: 14 March 2012

This policy informs you about what information may be collected about you when you visit my site, by what mechanism, for what purpose, and what I will do with it. I do not collect any personally identifiable information to sell or resell. I will not knowingly forward anyone’s private contact information to someone else without permission.

I am not responsible for sites, applications, widgets, or plugins that are not under my direct control (meaning I did not write the code or markup that runs them). However, I will update this page when I make a change in the tools or plugins that I use to publish content here and to understand how visitors interact with my site.

As noted above, I require anyone commenting on a blog post to provide a name and a valid email address. You may also provide a link to your website when you submit a comment. If approved, that link will be available to anyone else who reads that blog post and its comments.

This site uses Google Analytics to track where visitors have come from, how long they stayed, and on which page. IP addresses and cookies facilitate this, a process described in detail in the Google Analytics Overview. Google has provided a browser add-on that allows you to opt out of having your web browsing behavior tracked.

This site uses AddThis to enable readers to share blog posts with their social networks. If you use this feature, this privacy policy explains what information AddThis collects and how they make aggregate information available to me about what you have shared from my site. AddThis also allows you to opt out.

I offer a way to contact me directly through a form, currently located on my About page. If you use this form, an email will be sent to me, including any personally identifiable information you add to the body of the message you have sent me. There is not way to opt out once you have used my contact form. I reserve the right to retain that information for as long as I own this site and for as long as is legally required of me should I close or sell this site in the future. That said, if I have no personal, legal, or business reason to retain your message to me, I will delete it as part of attempting to keep my inbox manageable. I purge emails approximately twice a year.