— Jenny Neill

Blog Roll: Meet Mike Pirnat

This post begins a new tradition for me, introducing you to the bloggers in my Blogroll. First up is Mike Pirnat, the man behind A Leaf on the Wind. I first started reading Mike thanks to his connection to my long-time friend, Eric Meyer. (Yes, Cleveland connects us all.)

Christmas Self-Portrait

Self Portrait. Courtesy of Mike Pirnat.

What started out as an online correspondence eventually grew into a real-life friendship. Truth be told, what initially attracted my attention was that Mike’s wife Liz was studying wine professionally. I began following her progress and soon enough we had developed a regular correspondence, which led me to act as an unofficial winery tour guide when Mike and Liz visited Washington State.

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate! Courtesy of Mike Pirnat.

Mike and I keep up with each other mainly on Twitter and by reading each other’s blogs these days. Aside from being an easy going travel mate, Mike is a bit of a Python expert and Lego-obsessed photographer. Check out his blog to see the world through his lens.