— Jenny Neill

Three Jennys Walk into a Bar

Lit Crawl Seattle, the local offshoot of the literary pub crawl founded by Litquake in San Francisco, is taking over many boozy spaces that wordsmiths gather for a second year. Starting at 6pm on Thursday, October 24 our local literati, myself included, will be bringing stories to the streets at 19 venues mostly found in Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

Jenny Hayes, a longtime friend and the woman behind the Three Jennys grouping, approached me to emcee because, duh, my name is Jenny. (Plus, I think she knew I’d groove on the idea.)

Come hear

Come hear “Three Jennys Walk into a Bar” at Sam’s Tavern,
Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 6pm

I knew I’d be in good company on the crawl. What I didn’t know is that by playing Mistress of Ceremonies for the Jennys I’d be giving up being able to hear some other really great readings. For example, I’d be at “Women on the Verge” listening to Nicole Hardy confess. Then there’s “Bits and Pieces: Essays from The Magazine” to really make me wish I could clone myself so I could be in three places at once.

I get to join the crawl for Phase Two, but even then, tough choices must be made. Do I go catch my fellow Seattle Writergrrls, Jane Hodges and Michelle Goodman in “Wage Slaves: Tales from the Grind” or check out the “Crazy Sexy Zombies” hosted by Litsa Dremousis?

Phase Three readings don’t make my choices any easier. With Halloween coming up soon, “Hedgebrook Hauntings: Stories of Mothers and Other Ghosts” with Wendy Call and Anastacia Tolbert appeals to my lifetime love of supernatural stories. But then again, non-fiction narratives involving agriculture and cooking are an enduring interest too. I may have to make a stop by “Farm to Fable” to hear Langdon Cook and Kurt Timmermeister.

Lit Crawl Seattle 2013: Where Literature Hits the Streets

Lit Crawl Seattle 2013: Where Literature Hits the Streets

I have a couple more days to finish mapping my route. And, thankfully, since I know I can’t listen to all the writers I’d like to, I can still raise a glass with them at the Afterparty at Richard Hugo House starting at 9pm.

Thinking of coming? I hope you’ll stop by Sam’s Tavern at 6pm to hear the other Jennys — Jenny Hayes, Jennifer D. (“JD”) Munro, and Jenny Forrester — read their tales of lust, loneliness, and the American West.


Find us at Sam’s Tavern (8 on this map)
at 1024 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98122