— Jenny Neill

Almost Back to My Professional Life

The headline suggests I have not been writing at all. That’s not true. I have. I have also contributed to a couple outlets on a regular basis and continued working with a small number of non-journalism clients.

What I have not been able to be, since the fall of 2014, is in charge of my schedule and thus my career. Instead, I have been very involved in helping a parent through a series of health crises and a major life transition.

I managed the process of finding and hiring contractors to do necessary repairs on a house I did not own, of emptying that house, and of working with a real estate agent to sell it. I made many trips to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and Goodwill. I grieved endings and did my best to facilitate new beginnings. I traveled. A lot.

On occasion, I would remember this website and that I have not updated it in a long time. There was always a more pressing item on my ever-changing task list. I realized, once and for all, I am not a self-motivated blogger. In other words, I am not good at blogging regularly when I am not being paid by someone to do so.

This is the end of this site as you see it now. Though I have begun considering what comes next here, it is not yet time to show you. I’d be foolish to tease you with a “Check back by [date]” statement. I only know now that change is needed, and when I reveal it I expect it will be a big departure from what you see here today.

Until then, I hope you live life well and celebrate it with your family and friends.