— Jenny Neill

Blog Roll: Meet Brian Neely

Brian Neely is a talented fine art photographer currently living in Kabul, Afghanistan. He works with digital and film cameras, loves single-origin coffees and microbrews, and is the only person I know who has run the Athens Classic Marathon in Greece.

I first met Brian at an informal social gathering; a pot luck by and for the volunteers in one of Seattle’s professional networks for women in technology. But, we were friends already by then. We’d engaged in lengthy correspondence in emails and through Livejournal; the sort of online social networking available long before there was Facebook or Twitter. Lately our email conversation has returned to one of his favorite subjects and my latest beverage obsession: coffee, with all the economic, socio-political, and agricultural challenges that surround it.

Cat Poop Coffee, Bali, Indonesia

Cat Poop Coffee, Bali, Indonesia. For Brian’s notes about this photo, read the second segment in his Seven Super Shots post. Courtesy of Brian Neely Photography.

I like reading his blog because his images incite my curiosity about the world. (He travels a lot due to his status as the husband of a foreign service officer.) Also, I often find valuable tips for capturing what it is I intend when setting up a shot because Brian shares his experiments with camera settings.

Check out BH Neely and his blog. He’ll take you on an adventure and teach you a thing or two about photography.

Correction: I updated this post per Brian’s comment.