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It’s January what already? Whoa. The end of November and December came and went in a flurry of social engagements and assignment deadlines. The first public evidence of what I’ve been up to as a journalist graced the virtual pages of Sprudge.com earlier this month. Soon, I’ll hold a copy of the latest STiR Tea and Coffee Industry International in my hands. The first issue for 2014 contains more stories I wrote based on traveling to Let’s Talk Coffee, Let’s Talk Roya, and Sintercafe.

Line of dry ground coffee in sample cups with two spoons

Coffee samples, ready to be cupped.
Photo courtesy of Mike Russell Foto. All rights reserved.

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The ever-hilarious Irene of Left of Plumb nominated me for a Liebster Award. What the heck is it? Great question. Liebster is German for dearest and a five-minute search of the interwebs reveals that this award has been around for some time now. I have not unearthed the origins of this meme and see no harm in playing along. (Though, dear readers, I do have some words of warning about these exercises to share.) Thanks, Irene. I accept.

Liebster Award

This award badge found at Tiny n Fit.

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Brian Neely is a talented fine art photographer currently living in Kabul, Afghanistan. He works with digital and film cameras, loves single-origin coffees and microbrews, and is the only person I know who has run the Athens Classic Marathon in Greece.

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